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100% Nucan-PCR aluminium

Nussbaum is proud of being the innovator of the world’s first monobloc aluminium cans with unbeatable CO2 reduction of 96%, made from 100% used beverage can scrap. For the Nucan-PCR alloy, we exclusively use empty drink cans, which are returned by consumers to the collection points for recycling. After collection, the drink cans are pressed and converted into aluminium slugs, the starting material for our cans. No virgin aluminium or post-industrial-recycled material is added.

The geographical proximity between the collection point, the aluminium processor and Nussbaum, optimally supports the sustainability goal.


We are happy to have achieved the DIN EN ISO 14021:2016 Type II environmental labelling certification for our two German production sites for Nucan-PCR cans. 


With our “Recycling Aerosol Can” we have been awarded the German Packaging Award 2020 in the category sustainability and an ADF Innovation Awards 2021 Certificate in the category “Concept of the Year”.

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