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Made from 100% PCR aluminium

We are glad to present our products made from 100% post-consumer-recycled aluminium and we are proud to announce that our “Recycling Aerosol Can” has been awarded the German Packaging Award 2020 in the category sustainability.


Our products are the first of their kind containing no primary aluminium at all. The starting material used is mono-material aluminium scrap from consumer goods returned to the collection points for recycling. The collected scrap is pressed, converted into slugs and processed into  cans and tubes by Nussbaum using the regular impact extrusion production process. For the first time Nussbaum has been able to implement a circular economy material flow. The geographical proximity between the collection point, the aluminium processor and the can manufacturer, which is less than 150km, optimally supports the sustainability goal.


Our “From Waste to Can”-product range - besides our classical Aerosol Cans - contains as well Screw- and Shaker Cans and Deo Roll-On Cans. Under the claim “From Waste to Tube” we have created the first aluminium tube made from 100% PCR material.


Aerosol Europe has talked to Nussbaum's CTO Markus Tomasini about the PCR-range: Interview