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Our Screw Cans turn 30!

Screw Cans have been part of Nussbaum's portfolio for 30 years and they are more popular than ever.


The Screw Can was developed as a replacement for glass bottles, which proved to be unhandy in certain fields due to their weight and fragility. To match the existing closures from the glass industry, the engineering team of the former E. Nussbaum AG developed a lightweight alternative made of aluminium. Nussbaum’s Screw can had its first successes in the English market as attractive packaging for hair care products. At the headquarters in Matzingen the R&D team did not remain idle and worked on the further development of the product. In 2002, Nussbaum was able to present the world's first Screw Can made of aluminium with a tamper-evident thread. The TESCAN was born and found its first application as packaging for liquid fish oil and fish oil capsules.


A lot has changed in the last 30 years. While the first model was available in diameter 45mm with thread 24/410 and 24/415, Nussbaum currently offers 8 different diameters from 22mm to 66mm and filling volumes from 15ml to 550ml. Customers can choose between various thread sizes and variants.


At present, the Screw Can is celebrating a veritable revival. Thanks to its lightweight, recyclability and the possibility of refilling and reusing it several times, the Screw Can is a popular packaging in the cosmetics, household and technics sectors.


On request, our Screw Cans may be produced from recycled aluminium. 


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