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Nussbaum Frankenberg turns 30

Our tube factory in Kesswil, Switzerland celebrates its one hundredth anniversary!


All started on 7th October 1920 when PRESSTA AG – Nussbaum Kesswil AGs former name – was established by Carl Schuler-Ziegler and some of his friends with the scope to manufacture 15’000 lead and tin tubes annually. In 1929 first hulls made from aluminium were manufactured and since 1972 aluminium tubes are run on fully-automated production lines. The company was incorporated by E. Nussbaum Holding in 1992 and becoming member of the Nussbaum Group.


Today, Nussbaum Kesswil AG is producing high-quality aluminium tubes in various formats suiting 3ml to 200ml fill volumes and is selling its products worldwide serving customers in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic business as well for technical purposes.