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30 years Nussbaum Frankenberg

Nussbaum Frankenberg GmbH has been part of the Nussbaum family for 30 years. However, their roots go back to 1881, when the H. Th. Böhme company was founded in Chemnitz as a drug, paint and product trading company. The filling of aerosol cans began in 1965 under the company name "Aerosol-Automat / Cirine" in neighboring Oberlichtenau. In 1988 the company began to manufacture the cans required for filling itself. The can manufacturing machine was bought from company E. Nussbaum AG.


In 1990, the can production section was taken over by Nussbaum & Guhl GmbH - today's Nussbaum Matzingen AG - and aerosol filling was given up. It is certainly noteworthy that the sales contract was the first between a Swiss company and the trust in the Free State of Saxony after the reunification.


Since 2008, the company’s three production lines are located in Frankenberg, producing around 90 million aluminium cans annually.