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Aluminium – Protect your investment – and the planet

Aluminium is the ideal material for sustainable packaging. It is light and solid and provides secure product protection and reliable packaging for precious and sensitive products.  From an ecological point of view, lightweight aluminum packaging enables energy savings during transport. In the production process of our cans we focus on the quality of the product and the safety of consumers. Nussbaum uses optionally primary aluminium, luminium alloys or slugs made from recycled aluminium in its production. We are the world's first can manufacturer which produces aluminium aerosol cans made from 100% Nucan-PCR aluminium - a material made from nothing else than used beverage can scrap. 


Aluminium can be recycled infinitely - without loss of its material properties - with 95% less energy consumption than required for the production of primary aluminium. Around 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still used today. The long life cycle makes aluminium one of the most energy-efficient and resource-preserving raw materials. Recycling rates of aluminium in Switzerland and Germany are above 90% and are steadily growing. 


10 good reasons to use aluminium at a glance:


  • 100% recyclable without loss of its material properties
  • resistant, solid and unbreakable
  • stainless
  • diffusion proof
  • light proof
  • good conductivity (hot and cold)
  • availability unlimited
  • 3 x lighter than steel
  • 4 x lighter than glass
  • shapeable


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