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Climate protection - it matters

In the Nussbaum Group, climate protection is integral part of corporate governance. It is our declared intention to produce cans as energy- and resource-efficient as possible. We aim to produce our cans climate neutral within 2030. 


In practice, we have implemented the following measures:


  • Consistent recycling of production waste, rejects and packaging. All aluminium waste is returned to aluminium suppliers for re-melting and all other materials are separated and handed over to recycling centres.

  • Energy consumption and emissions are continuously recorded, evaluated and reduced. This is done through heat recovery from production, technical upgrading of exhaust air purification systems, reduction of VOC emissions and the use of energy-saving lighting, motors and electric components

  • Disposal of the wastewater takes place in compliance with legal requirements and in cooperation with local authorities.

  • Promotion of the use of low-emission coatings, lacquers and inks

  • Energy-efficient investment policy and responsible sourcing with focus on environmentally friendly materials and technologies.

  • Wherever possible we source locally with the aim to reduce transport distances. 


Our German plants in Rielasingen and Frankenberg are certified according to ISO 50001 in the field of energy management, while our Swiss production facility is engaged in a voluntary program for climate protection and energy efficiency.


Energy Management ISO 50001:2011 Nussbaum Rielasingen GmbH

Energy Management ISO 50001:2011 Nussbaum Frankenberg GmbH

Energy Certificate Nussbaum Matzingen AG